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As a licensed roofer / roofing contractor, we have knowledge in both theory, and application. We have proven expertise through actual contracting, and constant training. No amount of research, reading, or watching videos can teach our level of skill, and expertise. Do not hire a handy man to perform your roof service.

Our team team of highly trained professionals will overcome anything that stands in our way. Being a top residential roofing contractor in Northern Illinois means you never have to compromise quality, or service. Our projects will always be completed with the highest grade materials, and best craftsmanship. You are 100% guaranteed!

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Residential Roofing Materials

The following materials cover over 95% of the roofs in North America.

Asphalt shingles

asphalt shingle photo

Asphalt Shingles

Most single family homes are roofed using asphalt shingles. That number is slowly shrinking thanks to more energy efficient, and durable roofing.

Asphalt shingles dominate the market. They are affordable, offer a variety of attractive options, and do a good job to protect your home from the elements.

Fiberglass shingles have a fiberglass base mat covered with asphalt, and granules to provide color. Therefore, they are semi reflective of sunlight, and energy efficient. Fiberglass shingles are lightweight, and resist tearing.

Advantages of asphalt shingles

-Fiberglass shingles are fire resistant.
– They are pleasing to the eye.
– Affordable roofing option.
– Most architectural shingles offer limited lifetime warranties.
– Wide selection of colors and styles.
– Wind resistant up to 150 mph.
– Repairs are easier, and less costly than other types of roofing repairs.

Wood shingles and shakes

photo wood shake shingles

Wood shake shingles

They can add beauty to your home. Cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine shingles (and shakes) are all available.

Advantages of wood shakes

– Beautiful rustic look.
– Some contain oils that make them resistant to moisture, and insects.
– Treated wood shingles have a Class A fire rating.
– They can last 5 to 10 years longer than asphalt shingles.
– Higher insulation (R) value than asphalt shingles.
– Wood is recyclable.

Disadvantages of wood shakes

– Non-treated materials have only a Class C fire rating.
– Prohibited in some areas due to wildfires.
– High maintenance – need to be cleaned often to prevent algae or moss.
– Costly installation
– May stain due to natural, and environmental factors.
– Costly repairs

Metal roofing

metal roofing

Standing seam metal

These roofs have enjoyed a recent rise in demand. Durability, and energy efficiency have driven their rise in popularity.  There are many new styles of metal roofing. Such as, manufactured rolls, and rigid sheet roofing panels with vertical seams. Metal roofs can be modular press-formed, and painted, or coated with granules.

Roofing can be made to look like shingles, shakes and tiles. Common metals used in manufacturing are aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper.

Advantages of metal roofing

– New styles look like shingles, shakes, slate and tile, with many colors available.
– Long lasting, 50 to 100 years, and carry warranties up to 50 years.
– Reflects solar heat, which can keep your home cooler.
– Most metal roofs have a Class A fire rating.
– Corrugated, and ribbed metal panels can be installed quickly.
– Ice damn resistant.
– Residential roofs are designed with stricter wind uplift standards.

Disadvantages of metal roofing

– The cost of metal roofing is high compared to asphalt shingles.
– Metal roofs may dent when struck with heavy objects, or hail. Replacing metal panels is more expensive than replacing asphalt, wood, or tile roofing.

Tile Roofing

Image result for clay tile roof

Spanish Tile Roof

Three types

Clay tiles, Concrete tiles, and Fiber cement tiles.

Why choose tile?
– Offer 50+ years of durability.
– Fire, and insect resistant.
– The rich look of tile increases your curb appeal.
– Reflects sunlight. Thus, they reduce heating, and cooling requirements.

Drawbacks to tile roofing

– Heavy, and requires more framing support.
– More costly than asphalt, metal, and wood.
– Fragile, and can break easily. Therefore, repairs can be costly.

Slate Roofing

Image of slate roof

Slate shingles

Tiles (shingles) are produced in many lengths and widths. These size options allow you to choose the best look for your home.

Advantages of slate roofing

– Charming, and beautiful.
– Lifetime roof that improves curb appeal, and resale value.
– Low maintenance roof system.

Disadvantages of slate roofing

– Heaviest roofing material (up to 150# per square foot), so extra framing is needed.
– Must be properly installed to avoid moisture , and mold.
– Only qualified slate roofing installers should install slate! You must do due diligence before hiring a slate roofing installer.
– Can break when walked on. Therefore, roof repairs can be costly.