Complimentary Roof Inspection

roof inspection

Believe it or not summer is fast approaching, and now is the best time to have your roof checked for problems. So get your complimentary roof inspection from The Shingle Company. The wear-n-tear that’s occurred this winter from snow and ice are a big problem now. Get your complimentary, no obligation roof inspection from the Shingle Company now.

Winters in Northern Illinois are very hard on your roof. Expansion and contraction, high winds, and condensation can wreak havoc on all the components of your roof system. Flat roof membranes, steep roof shingles, roof decks, chimneys, flashings, sealants, and caulks can all be compromised by Jack Frost!

A lot of the roof damage incurred over the winter is unseen. You won’t know you have a problem until its too late! Unseen leaks can damage your roof decking, framing, soffit and fascia, insulation, drywall, paint, and cause mold problems. All the damage incurred by an unseen leak can end up costing you big money! Money that could have been saved by getting a simple inspection, and having some minor repairs done beforehand.

Being proactive about the most important system on your home is the key here. Your roof is integrally important in keeping the rest of your household (including you, and your loved ones) protected. Lets face the facts here! If your roof is no good, then everything underneath will suffer, especially your pocket book when you are paying for expensive repairs that could have easily been avoided.

Every year it’s the same thing over and over. When the first big rainstorm hits the phone is ringing off the hook. Keep in mind the first big storm isn’t the first, second, or third to hit. so by the time you see water coming into your home the problem is exacerbated by leaking that’s been happening since the first thaw. Now you need drywall, insulation, anti-microbial, paint, wood replacement, etc.

I don’t see too many folks who are forward thinking enough to have yearly roof inspections completed. Believe me when i say that savvy homeowners, and ones that have learned this lesson the hard way do! Be the smart and savvy homeowner this, and every year. Have your roof inspected early in the spring by a licensed, and experienced roofing contractor to avoid the headaches associated with springtime roof leaks. One inspection a year can, and will save you thousands in the long run.

— Mark Washburn

Owner – The Shingle Company / Legacy Roofing